Jesse Thompson is a 20-year-old journalism/film and television studies undergraduate who is generally under slept and strapped for time.  He holds a seat on the 4ZZZ Film Club panel each Thursday night at 6pm, and writes here as well as a few other places when he has the time.  Which, again, is rarely as often as he’d like.

His love for cinema started with a devout passion for auteurs Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam and, especially, Jim Jarmusch.  These days, his movie-viewing time is mostly constricted to whatever movies he can get to for free. Sadly, this pertains mostly to the entertaining-if-facile errata of James Wan and Michael Bay rather than the Wim Wenders or Ingmar Bergman.

Among his other favourite people in film are Spike Jonze, Douglas Sirk, Hayao Miyazaki, Fatih Akin, Charlie Kaufman, Richard Linklater, David Lynch, Michael Haneke, the Brothers Dardenne and Claire Denis.  Nonetheless, he still refers back to a happenstance viewing of Pledge This that took place upwards of six years ago as often as he does the Three Colours Trilogy or 2001.

Catch him on TwitterLinkedin or Letterboxd.


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